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The Birth of Finishing the Race

Well, it’s over. I did it. I finished a marathon. Those of you who know me or have read previous posts know that this past weekend was my second attempt at running a marathon (the first ending with me throwing … Continue reading

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The Death of Javon Belcher

An odd thing happened last week: the Kansas City Chiefs won a football game. Other than the fact that the Chiefs have been a particularly terrible football team this season, going 2-11 through their first 13 games, their win was … Continue reading

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The Death of a Friend

Yesterday, my friend Mike died. I say friend, but I’m not even sure he would call me the same. We coached together, but that was about it. I know his family, and he knew mine, but we shared no dinners together, never … Continue reading

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The Death of Your Greatest Fear

A common get-to-know-you question is, “What is your greatest fear?”, and there are many common answers for this common question: spiders, snakes, drowning, the loss of a loved one. But there is one that comes up more than the others, … Continue reading

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The Birth of Holiness Part 3: Fast Track to Heaven

If you haven’t been following the last couple of posts, you either need to read them or go see the movie The Princess Bride to know what I’m talking about in this one. The movie is probably better, though. So … Continue reading

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