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The Death of Prejudice

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on DOMA and Proposition 8, many are despairing that marriage has died. Others have mourned its death for some time. After reading the court’s decision in the DOMA case and two of the dissenting opinions, … Continue reading

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The Death of Activism

When I was in high school, I took a class on Catholic Social Teaching that was essentially a course on the benefits and methods of active non-violent pacifism (which, by the by, is not all CST has to offer). By … Continue reading

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The Death of Disobedience

I’m not sure if you’ve been reading the news, but if you haven’t, let me fill you in: The Catholic Church is continuing its long-storied history of bullying and demeaning women, swindling its congregations, and keeping its head in the … Continue reading

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The Death of Progress

Uh oh. It’s about to get political up in here. Some people might find this hard to believe, but I used to have the following bumper-sticker hanging in my dorm room at college: “Jesus is a Liberal”. I still remember … Continue reading

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