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The Birth of Toddler Pitchers

Two things have taken up most of my time lately: spending time with my 19-month-old daughter, and watching playoff baseball. One thing we’re trying to teach my daughter these days is how to share, take turns, and in general to … Continue reading

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The Birth of Presence

My daughter is a little bit crazy. At 16 months, she has figured out how to run. And fall. And stick her head into any pool of standing water at least an inch deep. Just tonight she figured out that … Continue reading

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The Death of Names

Not sure if you heard: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their baby girl “North”. That’s right. The girl’s name will forever be North West. North West. Like, “Hey girl, which way da club? Dat way? Northwest?” For the Catholic, … Continue reading

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The Death of “That’s Enough!”

Obviously, the topic of beauty has been on my mind lately, and whenever I’ve got something on my mind, I start seeing everything in light of whatever idea is in there. So when I went home to St. Louis over … Continue reading

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The Birth of Sabbath

I love my job. Teaching high school has a lot of perks other jobs don’t: I get to meet hundreds of new people every year, get to stay active most of the day, get to read and talk about cool … Continue reading

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The Birth of Petitions

Today I was sitting in Mass and a thought I’ve often had popped in my head. As the Prayers of the Faithful wrapped up, our priest said what he always says at that point: “Father, we ask you for what … Continue reading

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The Death of Fear (And the Birth of Mercy)

Growing up, I think most of us see our dads and rock the ol’ Commutative Property of Manhood: Dad = Certain Characteristics, Dad = Man, so Man = Certain Characteristics. For me, it was Dad = Guy Who Fixes Things, … Continue reading

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