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The Death of Coincidence

Today I was saying a rosary on my way to pick my daughter up from daycare and I missed my exit. I then dropped an F-Bomb. I spent about thirty seconds wondering whether I needed to stop and do something … Continue reading

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The Birth of Thievery

Sorry for the annual (does two years in a row make something annual?) hiatus between posts at the start of the school year. Hopefully I will be back to normal posting now that school is in full swing. Speaking of … Continue reading

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The Birth of Vocabulary

If you read my last post, you know it was about what prayer is not. At least, what it is not for me. It is not a booming voice. It is not a miraculous dialogue. It is not a euphoric … Continue reading

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The Death of Jesus

Tomorrow, we begin our observance of the Triduum, in which we can participate in Christ’s establishment of the Eucharist, His Passion and death on the Cross, and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Heavy stuff. I didn’t post much about Lent … Continue reading

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The Birth of Beauty Part 2

I present to you a case in point: Watch the following two videos, and tell me which is more likely to make someone aware of the presence of Christ. When I typed in “Praise and Worship Music” on YouTube, this … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Cover Song

Listen to this cover of the song “The One that I Want” from the musical¬†Grease,¬†and if your face hasn’t melted too much, try to continue reading. I’ve often heard the complaint that the Catholic Church wants everyone to be the … Continue reading

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The Death of Fear

With the start of a new school year returns the rush of syllabi preparation, lesson planning, name learning, and technology battling that quickly sweeps away the last remnants of summer relaxation. Not only is there no time for blogging (sorry … Continue reading

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