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The Death of a Friend

Yesterday, my friend Mike died. I say friend, but I’m not even sure he would call me the same. We coached together, but that was about it. I know his family, and he knew mine, but we shared no dinners together, never … Continue reading

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The Death of Fear (and the Birth of Love)

I mentioned what is probably my greatest fear in my last post: I am really scared to let people down. But, of course, I do let others down all the time. So I am coming to terms with that fear, … Continue reading

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Baby Don’t Hurt Me…

What is love? This is the most important question in the world right now. Literally. If we are going to try to answer this question, we should start with the greatest philosopher of our time: Will Ferrell. Dr. Ferrell and … Continue reading

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The Death of Sleep

So far I’ve talked about how the deaths of my past have helped create my current joys, in particular the joy of fatherhood. This post is about the deaths of my present. And presently, I’m freaking tired. Anybody who knows … Continue reading

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