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The Death of Coincidence

Today I was saying a rosary on my way to pick my daughter up from daycare and I missed my exit. I then dropped an F-Bomb. I spent about thirty seconds wondering whether I needed to stop and do something … Continue reading

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The Death of His Death

As a teacher in a Catholic high school, our faculty goes through weekly faith formation led by the head of our Theology department. The lessons are always thought-provoking and edifying, but the end of this past week’s lesson was downright … Continue reading

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The Birth of Presence

My daughter is a little bit crazy. At 16 months, she has figured out how to run. And fall. And stick her head into any pool of standing water at least an inch deep. Just tonight she figured out that … Continue reading

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The Death of Prejudice

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on DOMA and Proposition 8, many are despairing that marriage has died. Others have mourned its death for some time. After reading the court’s decision in the DOMA case and two of the dissenting opinions, … Continue reading

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The Birth of Vocabulary

If you read my last post, you know it was about what prayer is not. At least, what it is not for me. It is not a booming voice. It is not a miraculous dialogue. It is not a euphoric … Continue reading

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The Birth of Petitions

Today I was sitting in Mass and a thought I’ve often had popped in my head. As the Prayers of the Faithful wrapped up, our priest said what he always says at that point: “Father, we ask you for what … Continue reading

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The Death of the Cardinals

My St. Louis Cardinals are dead. The San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions. The quest for 12 in ’12 is over. As I was watching Game 7 of the NLCS, I kept waiting for something extraordinary to happen. For … Continue reading

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Is Christianity True?

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the movie¬†Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and you want to at some point, don’t read this post. I’m definitely going to ruin the ending. If you’re going to be a Christian worth your salt, … Continue reading

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How Do You Know?

Since the last post, God’s plan has been on my mind a lot. Discernment is not a one-time thing; we must re-evaluate what it is God wants us to be doing each day, or this year, or with our life. … Continue reading

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