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The Birth of Meekitude

Two important things have happened in my life in the last couple days. One has to do with me; the other has to do with the Pope. In the last 60 hours or so, I have had my wife, my … Continue reading

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The Death of Being a Scaredy Cat

I’m afraid of my neighbors. I think you would be too. They’re this awful family of six, four little boys all under the age of ten always running and laughing, a mom who loves to play baseball with the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Birth of Evangelization PART 2

Okay, so the day after I wrote the post about evangelization, I ran across this lecture by the great Peter Kreeft on ecumenism. Check it. If you don’t have time to listen to it, I’ll try to sum it … Continue reading

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The Birth of Evangelization

I’ve always wanted to put into words how to properly evangelize, but there were two things holding me back: 1) I didn’t know how to do it; 2) I wasn’t listening to people who did. I always knew there was … Continue reading

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Guest Post (sort of!)

Below is an email my mom sent me a couple days ago. Get excited…this is the first ever D-of-C guest post (even though she didn’t know it would be when she wrote it)! Just had to share. So Uncle John … Continue reading

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The Death of St. Francis

Sorry, St. Francis. I’m gonna dog on one of your most famous quotes. I have heard the phrase, “Preach the Gospel always; if necessary, use words,” so many times in my life, I’ve definitely internalized its message. It’s telling us … Continue reading

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