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The Birth of the iPhone (and the Death of People-Watching)

I have an iPhone 5. Clearly, I’m big time. This is my first smart phone. In many ways, it’s been incredibly helpful. I have my iCal with me at all times, so I no longer double-book myself three or four … Continue reading

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The Birth of Meekitude

Two important things have happened in my life in the last couple days. One has to do with me; the other has to do with the Pope. In the last 60 hours or so, I have had my wife, my … Continue reading

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The Birth of The Ace

As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, there are two players for whom my man-crush will never fade: Chris Carpenter, and Adam Wainwright. Carpenter’s clutch performances over the years, especially his duel with former teammate and beardmate Roy Halladay in Game … Continue reading

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The Death of Prejudice

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on DOMA and Proposition 8, many are despairing that marriage has died. Others have mourned its death for some time. After reading the court’s decision in the DOMA case and two of the dissenting opinions, … Continue reading

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The Death of Names

Not sure if you heard: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their baby girl “North”. That’s right. The girl’s name will forever be North West. North West. Like, “Hey girl, which way da club? Dat way? Northwest?” For the Catholic, … Continue reading

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The Death of My Chair

There are two chairs in my house of which I am the main tenant: the recliner in the basement, and the big chair with the ottoman in the upstairs sitting room. The recliner is in our main living space, and … Continue reading

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Prayer and the Death of Comfort

As I write this, I’m laying on our love-seat, feet up, head propped on a pillow, belly full of milk and my wife’s peanut-butter cookies, Blues playoff hockey on the television, favorite pair of jeans unbuttoned and plain white t-shirt … Continue reading

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The Birth of Assumptions

For years, my father has affectionately called me “Ass” instead of my Christian name, so when people would say to me, “You know what ‘assuming’ does, don’t you?”, I would always think, “Well, I’m already an ass, so I may … Continue reading

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The Death of Being a Scaredy Cat

I’m afraid of my neighbors. I think you would be too. They’re this awful family of six, four little boys all under the age of ten always running and laughing, a mom who loves to play baseball with the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Visual Arts

Perhaps my last post of this nature for a while. Here are a few beautiful works of art that I find particularly striking. Sinding’s sculpture Valkyrie in Copenhagen…  Monet’s painting The Artist’s Garden at Giverny… and a photo I only know as … Continue reading

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