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The Birth of Meekitude

Two important things have happened in my life in the last couple days. One has to do with me; the other has to do with the Pope. In the last 60 hours or so, I have had my wife, my … Continue reading

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The Death of Prejudice

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on DOMA and Proposition 8, many are despairing that marriage has died. Others have mourned its death for some time. After reading the court’s decision in the DOMA case and two of the dissenting opinions, … Continue reading

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I usually don’t just post other people’s stuff…

but this article is one of the most nuanced, balanced, and intelligent personal accounts of the abortion debate that I have ever heard. I beg you to read it.

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The Death of Complacency (and the Birth of Celebration!)

Jesus is raised! Alleluia! Let the Easter feasting begin! This past weekend was a big one for my family. My daughter turned one on Good Friday, and let me tell you, she was an awfully fussy birthday girl after fasting … Continue reading

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The Death of Jesus

Tomorrow, we begin our observance of the Triduum, in which we can participate in Christ’s establishment of the Eucharist, His Passion and death on the Cross, and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Heavy stuff. I didn’t post much about Lent … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Visual Arts

Perhaps my last post of this nature for a while. Here are a few beautiful works of art that I find particularly striking. Sinding’s sculpture Valkyrie in Copenhagen…  Monet’s painting The Artist’s Garden at Giverny… and a photo I only know as … Continue reading

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A Truly Beautiful Photograph…

May God bless this humble and holy man. Protect our Mother Church well, brother.

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Beauty in Cinema

Below is a clip of what I consider the most beautiful movie scene I’ve ever witnessed. It’s from the film adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, and it is the part where the main character, John Proctor, is being forced … Continue reading

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Is Beauty Real? (Part Two)

Just a quick addendum to my last post… My buddy Tyler raised some excellent points in a comment on the last post, so I wanted to clarify something. While Catholics believe that Beauty is something that exists on its own, … Continue reading

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Is Beauty Real?

I’d like to pass on something that has shaped my understanding of beauty greatly and could answer some possible objections to the past few posts. Here is a description of what Aquinas said about beauty: “St. Thomas offers us another … Continue reading

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