I Interrupt my thoughts on the Seven Deadly Sins…

To share with you this idea that struck me a few days after the US pulled a Mizzou against Portugal (and by the way, “pulling a Mizzou” is when you raise your fans hopes higher than they should rationally be and then pull the rug out from under them in the most heart-shattering way possible. To complete the Mizzou, the US would have to lose 15-0 to Germany so that their fans are not only heartbroken, but also embarrassed to be irreparably associated with the team. But back to the idea I had…).


Christiano Ronaldo is like the devil. Just when you think he’s done bothering you or can’t hurt you anymore, that’s when he’s most likely to strike. Don’t let your guard down for a second.

Geoff Cameron, are you listening?

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