The Birth of Life…to the Full!

“I came that they might have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, in large part because life’s been pretty full.

Life with two kids is a lot busier than life with one. Like, twice as busy. My wife and I have been re-learning how to live over these last three months. New schedules. New roles. New priorities. Life is rushing by a little more quickly now, and it’s hard to keep up with things like hygiene, much less blog posts.

But my goodness, the joy. The joy of it all. There was a moment last night where I went to pick my daughter up off the floor (sometimes she likes sleeping on the floor…don’t call Family Services) and put her in her bed when joy welled up inside me out of nowhere. I felt sick with joy, brimming, like there was so much happy inside of me that something was breaking. And then I kissed her forehead and walked into the next room and my son was sleeping with his little baby-snore, and tears sprung up, and I fought them back but just barely.

This is life to the full.

My wife and children bring me grace. They show me God. It’s incredible.

But at the same time, I know there are parts of me that are still dark and murky. I also know that we live in a world hostile to true joy, a world that holds pleasure in higher regard than happiness. I mean, just watch this commercial:

They just advertised four of the seven deadly sins. Literally. Just selling sin here. And I’m sure it’s pretty effective.

But I am reminded of something I stole a while back from Ted Sri: “Virtue is the art of living excellently”. If those sins are “deadly”, meaning actually fatal to our souls, then, to use Fr. Robert Barron’s phrasing, the virtues are “lively”, meaning they bring us to richer life.

Virtue brings us to grace. Virtue brings us to the fullness of life.

The next set of posts is going to be a look at the seven deadly sins in my life and how virtue is leading me from the death of those sins to the freedom and happiness of those virtues. It’s been quite a journey thus far. I have much left to travel.

But the sights and sounds along that road are the ones my soul burns for.

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