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The Birth of the iPhone (and the Death of Parenting)

I checked a text message, and when I looked up, my daughter was gone. We were at an indoor playground in a mall near our house, and she was playing happily. Mommy was off shopping for new clothes for her … Continue reading

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The Birth of the iPhone (and the Death of People-Watching)

I have an iPhone 5. Clearly, I’m big time. This is my first smart phone. In many ways, it’s been incredibly helpful. I have my iCal with me at all times, so I no longer double-book myself three or four … Continue reading

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The Birth of Toddler Pitchers

Two things have taken up most of my time lately: spending time with my 19-month-old daughter, and watching playoff baseball. One thing we’re trying to teach my daughter these days is how to share, take turns, and in general to … Continue reading

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The Death of Coincidence

Today I was saying a rosary on my way to pick my daughter up from daycare and I missed my exit. I then dropped an F-Bomb. I spent about thirty seconds wondering whether I needed to stop and do something … Continue reading

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The Death of His Death

As a teacher in a Catholic high school, our faculty goes through weekly faith formation led by the head of our Theology department. The lessons are always thought-provoking and edifying, but the end of this past week’s lesson was downright … Continue reading

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