The Death of “That’s Enough!”

Obviously, the topic of beauty has been on my mind lately, and whenever I’ve got something on my mind, I start seeing everything in light of whatever idea is in there.

So when I went home to St. Louis over spring break, I couldn’t help noticing all the beauty around me.

I love my family very much, and often it is difficult to be living four hours away from them. One of the hardest parts is not getting to share with them all the day-to-day joys my daughter brings to us. We try our best with pictures and phone calls and Skype (which never works), but it’s just not the same as being there.

Needless to say, my family, especially my mom, soaked up their time with Cayleigh for the four days we were in town. It was really great seeing her ham it up for everyone, seeing her make them laugh and play peekaboo and be amazed at the barrels of food that chunk puts away every meal. Then, the day before we left, my mom said something that made me think of all these reflections on beauty.

As she held Cayleigh and looked at her chubby little face, she said, “I miss you already!”

Now, that’s a funny thing to say. How can you miss something that you have in your hands? But I understand the sentiment.

There is something about Beauty, which my daughter is filled with, that we just can’t get enough of. Having it for a moment isn’t enough; there’s something in us that wants it to never go away. There’s something in us that demands the eternal presence of the Transcendentals. We want everlasting Beauty.

And for every desire we have, there’s something that can satisfy. For hunger, there is food. For thirst, there is drink. For loneliness, there are persons.

So if in our hearts, in my heart and my mother’s and yours, there’s something that aches, not only for Beauty, but for Beauty in perpetuity, it stands to reason there is a perpetual Beauty.

I can’t wait to swim in that joyful sea forever.

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