Birth of Evangelization PART 2

Okay, so the day after I wrote the post about evangelization, I ran across this lecture by the great Peter Kreeft on ecumenism. Check it.

If you don’t have time to listen to it, I’ll try to sum it up with one quote from Kreeft:  “When Catholics are better Protestants than Protestants, then Protestants will become Catholics.”

Oh, I can’t help myself. Here’s another: “When Catholics are evangelized, Protestants will be sacramentalized.”

Why is the Christian faith so fractured? Because it seems to many that Christ is not found through life in the Catholic Church.

As a general rule, it’s our fault, not theirs. It’s my fault. It’s yours, if you’re Catholic.

It’s on us to show them He is in the Church. No…it’s on us to show them the Church is part of Him; as Kreeft says (or should I say as Scripture says?): He is the Head; we are His Body; the Holy Spirit is the soul of that body.

Now we just have to live the life of Christ.

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