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The Death of Your Greatest Fear

A common get-to-know-you question is, “What is your greatest fear?”, and there are many common answers for this common question: spiders, snakes, drowning, the loss of a loved one. But there is one that comes up more than the others, … Continue reading

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The Death of Fear and the Birth of Freedom

Now that this summer’s record-setting drought has broken and autumn is nearing, I can turn my mind away from all things sweaty and towards the fun of fall and wonders of winter. Perhaps my favorite part of winter is my … Continue reading

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The Death of Fear (and the Birth of Virtue)

Today, my greatest fear was realized. I let someone down. I experienced the most gentle of reprimands from one of my bosses at work, and it shook me up for about an hour. During that hour, I did everything from … Continue reading

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