No, this isn’t a post about Katy Perry. I just thought, in the spirit of Independence Day, that I would share a poem I wrote a few years ago after watching some good ol’ fashioned American fireworks.


I stare into the broken night sky as it is filled with fireworks

blasting the deep still of the evening.

It’s what I imagine the end of the world will be like,

the sky as we know it melting away

as the first touches of God drip from His timeless reality

into our space, pure color and majesty,

violent and beautiful,

bursting forth before our wondering eyes,

the greatest show the world has seen.

Some will be terrified,

babies crying at the explosion,

while others sit back and let the noise strike their chest

as their eyes soak in the view,

a satisfied smile crossing their lips

while an uncontrollable power

reverberates off of their chest and ribs

before sinking softly

into the pink flesh of their heart.

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